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We at New Beginnings are dedicated to the following mission: “SEE”. We are called to Serve, Encourage and Equip you for the Kingdom of God. We Serve in benevolent areas by providing food and clothing for the poor and those in shelters; recovery assistance and support for drug and alcohol users; assistance in obtaining jobs and other life-essential skills; academic assistance for school age children, assistance to our cities and community by networking with other churches and organizations for a decisive impact. (Matthew 25:35-36). We Encourage in various ways designed to strengthen and restore families and marriages so that the sacred legacy of these institutions can be passed to the next generation.  We Equip By teaching, preaching and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the saved, unsaved, backsliders and the discouraged through fellowship, bible studies, prison ministry, drama, workshops and other venues. (James 5:20; Daniel 12:3). Equipping is also done through discipleship, development, mentoring and counseling.

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